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Gooseliver terrine with jelly of wine from Tokaj – 3.990,- Ft

Cream of pumpkin soup with roasted pumpkinseeds, pumpkinseedsoil – 1.390,- Ft

Goose-mash (rice, wildrice, egg barley, vegetables, goose-giblets) – 3.490,-Ft

Crispy, roasted leg of goose with steamed elderberris – red cabbage and

parsley-rolldumplings – 4.490,- Ft

Roast breast of goose with pumpkin-orange risotto, sauce of whitewine, thyme – 4.900,- Ft

Gooseliver in panko, deep-fried mashed potatoes, stewed pears – 5.900,- Ft

Chocolate-lavacake with chestnut mousse – 1.490,- Ft


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Sütőtök krémleves pirított tökmaggal, tökmagolajjal

Soproni vörösboros – babos marhapacsni zellerpürével

Gesztenyemousse, házi levendulás szilvalekvár, menta


Kürbiscrémesuppe mit gerösteten Kürbiskernen und Kürbisöl

Soproner Rotwein-Bohnen „Rindspacsni” mit Selleriepürée

Kastanienmousse, Lavendel-Zwetschgen Konfitüre, Minze

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Our Exclusive Gift Coupons arrived!

We would like to present you our exclusive 5.000 and 10.000 Forint worth gift coupons.If you would like that we would entertain your relatives, friends or collegues, gift them an Erhardt Exclusive Gift Coupon.Every day during our opening hours you can buy these coupons (which are good for the restaurant or the pension) from our collegues.


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