Offer for goosedays 2014

Créme of pumpkin soup with roasted pumpkin-seeds, mousse of fresh goat cheese

Terrine of gooseliver with fresh fig and toast

Crispy leg of goose with orange-jam, steamed lila-cabbage and fine herbes roll-dumplings

Goosebreast roasted, served with flap mushroom-basil risotto

 Goose-Plate: Crispy leg of goose, goosebreast roasted, gooseliver, deep-fried, steamed cabbage, fine herbes roll-dumplings

Chestnutpürée with home made plum jam, whipped cream

Enjoy Your Meal!

Ez a bejegyzés már 3530 napos. Kérjük ezt vegye figyelembe a tartalom kapcsán!
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