Bistro-plate:air dried ham, „Csabai” sausage, beef tatar, beefcarpaccio, glaced pearl-onions, fresh bread
2.290,- Ft

Salmonsteak with spinach-ricotta ravioli and saffron-sauce
 2.890,- Ft

Leg of duck with hot portwine-plums, home made walnut-potatoecroquettes
2.890,- Ft

Filet of pork, stuffed with Emmentaler cheese and air dried ham, deep fried, served with mayonnaise-potatoesalad
2.790,- Ft

Crispy porkchop with steamed cabbage and bean-potatoedumplings
2.690,- Ft

Chocolatemoulleux with caramel, cashewnut and whipped cream
890,- Ft

Enjoy Your Meal!

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