Our vintage offer

Cold starter

Bluecheesecréme spiced with nuts, served with toast

Crémesoup of corn with roasted chickenbreastcubes, spiced with coriander

Hot starter
Grilled goose-liver with basil-sherry grapesauce and hot baguette-slices

Main dishes

Pike perch filet in whitewine – crémesauce with steamed carrots-zucchini wheatseeds
Grilled turkeybreaststeak, served with yoghurt-Waldorf salad
Sirloin tournedos with redwine-plum-pearlonions ragout and home made potatoedonuts


„Favourite dessert of our chef”
(Curdcheese-plum-nut strudel)
Wineoffer: Pfneisl Wineyards: Bluefrank 2004
Enjoy Your Meal!

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